Step inside, foolish mortals!

This is the world of Mrs Victoria Pamlényi, creator of fantastic beasts, surreal functional ware and carnivorous pots. I mainly use clay but work in all kinds of materials. My functional pieces are made of stoneware, high fired in an electric kiln and food safe. Pictures of some of it can be found below.

I love to venture into making of props, cross disciplinary art projects and collabs with like minded artists!

My artwork combines the sculptural and the functional, often with a surreal touch. The word retrofuturism tickles my mind and makes me think about what the past would have looked like if the future would have come sooner.

My inspiration comes from stories of alternative worlds,
parallel universes with surreal elements – very often popular cultural ones from the worlds of sci-fi and fantasy. These stories often question phenomena taken for granted in our society today and the really good ones also use a twisted sense of humor to get their point across. These are all things I try to incorporate into my work.

I regularly teach the art of clay taming on all levels, take part in art shows and collaborations at different locations, in different countries. This site is very much a work in progress – feel free to contact me with any questions about hiring me for classes/workshops/exhibitions/creature creations or enquiries about prices on pieces. I ship world wide!

Im about to move to southern California (Orange County) in the fall of 2017, but am currently a resident of Sweden.

If you are in Sweden and would like to visit my fabulous studio and shop in an old paper factory in Töcksfors, take a class or buy pottery supplies – visit my Swedish website


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I am claytasticvictoria on Instagram and see me live stream on the Periscope app under the same handle.


Direct message me on Instagram or write me on (new email address coming soon!)

A selection of my work 2015 – present

Some of it is available for purchase – don’t hesitate to contact me!

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